Tying Up Loose Ends: Part 1


A Malaysian woman, a Vietnamese man and a Pakistani man walk into a podcast….

We got Carina Ice, Hau Chu and Suhaib Khan together on the same episode where we talked about food (a lot of talk about food), cultural superstitions, traditional items on the dinner table (again, food), not going to a movie theatre as a child, what time you eat dinner (more food talk) among other topics!

As we wrapped up Season 1, we found that we loved so many of our guests from their individual episodes so much that we decided to bring them together! This three part series is called “Tying Up Loose Ends”– pretty self explanatory. We get a couple guests together from vastly different parts of the world to talk about their unique experiences, what makes them different (in terms of their cultures, traditions, religions, etc.) but then find some things that are similar between all three.